Lamborghini Countach

The Lamborghini Countach is undoubthaly one of the most famouse and revered suppercars that has ever been made. It is also indeed my fevourive super car aswell.  the countach was the succesor to the very popular and first Lamborghini, the  Lamborghini Miura. Ferruccio Lamborghini who owned the company had two basic ideas in mind during the concept of the countach that was. (1) to be the fastest car in production and aim for 200 mph. and (2) it should have an appearance that could stun everybody. It execeled at both of these. The first thing that made Countach so exotic was its look. The wedge-shape design with its sharp edges and unquie scissors like  doors not only caught eyes but also looked futuristic. it is the lowest ever car in history besides the Ford GT40 and Lotus Esprit standing at 42.1 inches in height, but it eas its straight lines and sharp edges that made it look even lower. the countach was powered by 3.5-litre V12. which ment it had the speed to match its looks. what leaves a lasting impression of this car is not how it looks or what it drove like but it is the symbol that this car stands for. the designer Gandini lacked practical concern because of his non-technical background but was given free rain over this car and he designed it in its purest concept. of course slight crocetions were made but it is still a pure bread supercer. . and the fact that production of this car started in 1971 and ended in 1990 (19 years0 speakes the most volume. It is a purebread bull


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