The Windball

The wind ball is an a new design concept for cooling a room. Which is more efficient and works better than a stanard fan. The Windball is an eco-friendly cooler that will  take advantage of the evaporation process in the process lowering the temperature in a room. where a fan actually will create more heat in a room with the rotating propeller. And an air conditioner does cool a room but uses a lot of electricity to do so the windball will have the same effect as AC but will not use anywhere as much electricity. There are indeed similar products on the market currently but none reduces the tempeture as much as the windball. up to -3c.  This device also uses solar power to charge its batteries, reducing the need of using electricity more. Yes there are similar products on the market but i think the what this designer has done by greatly improving the concept is impressive and shows that every product with a different outlook on it can be improved.


Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is a mid-engined grand touring car. The Super Sport version is the fastest road-legal production car in the world, with a top speed of 431 km/h. It was Designed and developed by Volkswagen Group. and was assembled at Château Saint Jean in Molsheim in france. This car is a record breaker an a beast. it is powered by a w 16 engine. that is two yes two V8 engines thrown together to create an almighty amount of power. 1001 break horse power to be correct. It will do 0–100 km/h (0–62.1 mph) in 2.46 seconds. Now in all fairness even by super car strands that’s quick, i couldn’t sit down in 2.46 seconds. this car is in fact one thing and one thing only.

It was an experiment to see if such a car could be made and it was without a doubt proven that it could. The engineering team came up against so many problems when building this car such was the power of the engine the it would sheer the treads on the drive shaft. so they came up with a new alloy to use which could withstand the forces. but once that was solved then no tyre was able to be used as it would just burn itself up. but all of these problems were overcome. only 300 cars were made at a cost of  5 million and sold for £850,000. that’s a loss of 4.15 million just to see if it could be done and it was.

The Segway

the inventor of the seaway is Dean Kamen. the product was launched in 2002 an when launched it was claimed that the Segway was the future mode of transport for people and would eventually replace the car. well obviously this was not the case as global sales figures have shown that sales of the product have only reached into the tens of thousands. as it has been a flop. Dean Kamen did recently say that the Segway would can never completely replace the car, because it doesn’t have near the same capabilities. its speed range is 20 kph and it can only store enough energy for 24 km. that is in fact quite poor performance slightly faster than walking speed but only for 24 km . there are now electric mopeds that can reach 40 kph and last for over 30 km. that would make the Segway quite useless. also other reasons like each country defines the seaway differently e.g. some states don’t permit its use on side walks, roads or bicycle lanes. where some countries states that it must b insured and treated as a moped. so my view of the Segway is that it is a toy an expensive cool looking useless toy with no real world applications.

First Gillette razor

There are very few products that are designed, that are revolutionary and that transforms the section of the market place that they are in. but the Gillette safety razor is indeed one such product.  this product was the first, the beginning, the big bang in mens shaving if you will. mens shaving first came around in the 1600″s with a straight open edge blade and nothing much had changed till the 1990″s. There was a type of shaver that had an enclosed blade but they had to be stropped daily and regularly sharpened. it was king camp Gillett who knew that what was needed was a thin, sharp, cheaply produced blade, therefore to create the disposable razor. although when he went about to make his newly invented razor he was met at every turn by manufacture who said no such blade could be made. but this didn’t stop until Gillette and finally found a man would attempt to  try and solve the problem,William Nickerson. the rest of the story is what they call history. Gillette  on to set up one of the largest and well known multinational company in the world.

sure modern razors are much more sleek and efficient than the original razor. but this was the first of its kind and was unlike anything that went before. exactly how many products can say that. It should be every designers aim to equal the feat of Gillette and design a product that is original solves the problem in its category.