The Windball

The wind ball is an a new design concept for cooling a room. Which is more efficient and works better than a stanard fan. The Windball is an eco-friendly cooler that will  take advantage of the evaporation process in the process lowering the temperature in a room. where a fan actually will create more heat in a room with the rotating propeller. And an air conditioner does cool a room but uses a lot of electricity to do so the windball will have the same effect as AC but will not use anywhere as much electricity. There are indeed similar products on the market currently but none reduces the tempeture as much as the windball. up to -3c.  This device also uses solar power to charge its batteries, reducing the need of using electricity more. Yes there are similar products on the market but i think the what this designer has done by greatly improving the concept is impressive and shows that every product with a different outlook on it can be improved.


About davidrjflash

i"m a product design student currently studying in letterkenny.

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