The Le Corbusier Armchair

The Le Corbusier Armchair is a design clasic.The designer behind this chair was  Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris who adopted the name Le Corbusier in the early 1920s.It was made in 1928 and is widely considered the most important Modernist chair designer in France. but it was this armchair, that was part of a ground-breaking new types of  furniture group that took the simple chair or sofa frame out of hiding and put it on display as a beuatfiul and visible piece of  design in the house.

This armchair was a true mordernism product as there was mo oranamation but straight lines that were expressed with a polished chrome tubular frame. and then padded with the square cousions this was indeed one of the products that shaped the ideals of  mordernism.


About davidrjflash

i"m a product design student currently studying in letterkenny.

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