Tefal GV9460 Steam Generator Iron

This new iron from Tefel. The Tefal Steam Generator Iron is the newest product launched by the company. This iron is the best. It is the top of the line, the BMW of irons. And for it’s price it would have to be, because the retail price of this iron is £639.oo. yes that is right £639. that is a crazy amount of money for an iron . thinking about this logically , for instance i bought my car a few weeks back for 400 euros. so to pay over 600 pounds for what is basically an iron makes no sense to me. especially if it is for domestic use.

But this iron is a perfect example of what company’s are do to sell more products and get us consumers to splash more cash. the selling point for this iron is that it has a  Steam flow rate of 220 g/min compared to 200 g/min in the previous model. it has a steam performances of 5,5 bar pressure compared to 5 bar pressure on the previous model. so the new iron has 20 g/min more steam flow, and .5 bar pressure more than the older iron . These improvements are not a lot in fact not a big difference at all but this is exactly what all the company’s are doing now making slight improvements to products to make the consumer want it and make them think they are buying a great new product but its actually just a rehash of an older model.. . . monkey see monkey want!!!!!


About davidrjflash

i"m a product design student currently studying in letterkenny.

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