The Windball

The wind ball is an a new design concept for cooling a room. Which is more efficient and works better than a stanard fan. The Windball is an eco-friendly cooler that will  take advantage of the evaporation process in the process lowering the temperature in a room. where a fan actually will create more heat in a room with the rotating propeller. And an air conditioner does cool a room but uses a lot of electricity to do so the windball will have the same effect as AC but will not use anywhere as much electricity. There are indeed similar products on the market currently but none reduces the tempeture as much as the windball. up to -3c.  This device also uses solar power to charge its batteries, reducing the need of using electricity more. Yes there are similar products on the market but i think the what this designer has done by greatly improving the concept is impressive and shows that every product with a different outlook on it can be improved.


MG Midget

The MG miget is one of the most popular and revered sports cars to have been made in britain. In the 1920’s, the M-Type Midget was developed from the baby Morris Minor. The result was a basic, cheap, fun two-seater, with sporting pretensions. but by the time this model was laid to rest in 1955, the design was out of date  with the rest of the compaition , since sports cars were becoming bigger, more sophisticated, and more powerful. It seemed unlikely that we would ever see a Midget again.  but in the late 1950’s,  another basic, cheap, fun two-seater was developed from a “baby” car.  The new two-seater car was the Austin-Healey Sprite, which appeared in 1959. In 1961, the bodywork of the Sprite came in for a major restyling.and it was in this form, the car was known as the Austin-Healey Sprite Mark II,  it was than rebadged to become known as the MG Midget. over the following years the MG miget had 4 different models with each model making slight improvements than the previous one. the production of the midget ended in 1979. 18 years after the first one. The Midget had grown old gracefully from its Mk I original through to the Mk IV , but it needed replacement at that juncture and the resources had not been made available to develop a successor. Many mourned its passing because it was small, inexpensive, fast, and above all, it was a fun car. Through their enthusiasm the MG legend will live on.

The Le Corbusier Armchair

The Le Corbusier Armchair is a design clasic.The designer behind this chair was  Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris who adopted the name Le Corbusier in the early 1920s.It was made in 1928 and is widely considered the most important Modernist chair designer in France. but it was this armchair, that was part of a ground-breaking new types of  furniture group that took the simple chair or sofa frame out of hiding and put it on display as a beuatfiul and visible piece of  design in the house.

This armchair was a true mordernism product as there was mo oranamation but straight lines that were expressed with a polished chrome tubular frame. and then padded with the square cousions this was indeed one of the products that shaped the ideals of  mordernism.

Lamborghini Countach

The Lamborghini Countach is undoubthaly one of the most famouse and revered suppercars that has ever been made. It is also indeed my fevourive super car aswell.  the countach was the succesor to the very popular and first Lamborghini, the  Lamborghini Miura. Ferruccio Lamborghini who owned the company had two basic ideas in mind during the concept of the countach that was. (1) to be the fastest car in production and aim for 200 mph. and (2) it should have an appearance that could stun everybody. It execeled at both of these. The first thing that made Countach so exotic was its look. The wedge-shape design with its sharp edges and unquie scissors like  doors not only caught eyes but also looked futuristic. it is the lowest ever car in history besides the Ford GT40 and Lotus Esprit standing at 42.1 inches in height, but it eas its straight lines and sharp edges that made it look even lower. the countach was powered by 3.5-litre V12. which ment it had the speed to match its looks. what leaves a lasting impression of this car is not how it looks or what it drove like but it is the symbol that this car stands for. the designer Gandini lacked practical concern because of his non-technical background but was given free rain over this car and he designed it in its purest concept. of course slight crocetions were made but it is still a pure bread supercer. . and the fact that production of this car started in 1971 and ended in 1990 (19 years0 speakes the most volume. It is a purebread bull

The Hovercraft

The first time that it was mentioned in historical record of the principles behind hovering  was by the Swedish scientist Emanuel Swedenborg in 1716. But it wasn’t until 1915 that Dagobert Müller actually designed and built the world’s first air-cushion vehicle. experimentison of the hovercraft contuined beyoned the 1910’s. right through world war 2. it wasn’t until the American inventor Norman B. McCreary, who inventing and patenting the “Double-Walled Flexible Skirt”. Which would become the conventional design for the current hovercraft.

Carlton bookcase

If you are a fan of colors then the Carlton bookcase from Memphis Italy is sure to speak to you. This piece was designed by Ettore Sottsass in the 1980s. This multicolored bookcase is made of pattern laminate. The Carlton bookcase is probably the most famous piece from the Memphis, Italy line. When I look at this bookcase my mind tells me that this is not what a bookcase is supposed to look like.But this is what it looks like and yes it is a bookcase so get used to it. that is what it says to me. And rightly so because who ever said that a bookcase has got to look a certain way, square ans dull and boring. so now when i do see what is considered a conventional design i just think to myself that whoever designed that bookcase had no imagination or flair. And its easy see how people find themselves inane of it, since visually speaking the bookcase is certainly going to leave an impression on any viewer. Expect to pay in the range of $6,000-$8,000 for an example in this condition.

Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is a mid-engined grand touring car. The Super Sport version is the fastest road-legal production car in the world, with a top speed of 431 km/h. It was Designed and developed by Volkswagen Group. and was assembled at Château Saint Jean in Molsheim in france. This car is a record breaker an a beast. it is powered by a w 16 engine. that is two yes two V8 engines thrown together to create an almighty amount of power. 1001 break horse power to be correct. It will do 0–100 km/h (0–62.1 mph) in 2.46 seconds. Now in all fairness even by super car strands that’s quick, i couldn’t sit down in 2.46 seconds. this car is in fact one thing and one thing only.

It was an experiment to see if such a car could be made and it was without a doubt proven that it could. The engineering team came up against so many problems when building this car such was the power of the engine the it would sheer the treads on the drive shaft. so they came up with a new alloy to use which could withstand the forces. but once that was solved then no tyre was able to be used as it would just burn itself up. but all of these problems were overcome. only 300 cars were made at a cost of  5 million and sold for £850,000. that’s a loss of 4.15 million just to see if it could be done and it was.

The Segway

the inventor of the seaway is Dean Kamen. the product was launched in 2002 an when launched it was claimed that the Segway was the future mode of transport for people and would eventually replace the car. well obviously this was not the case as global sales figures have shown that sales of the product have only reached into the tens of thousands. as it has been a flop. Dean Kamen did recently say that the Segway would can never completely replace the car, because it doesn’t have near the same capabilities. its speed range is 20 kph and it can only store enough energy for 24 km. that is in fact quite poor performance slightly faster than walking speed but only for 24 km . there are now electric mopeds that can reach 40 kph and last for over 30 km. that would make the Segway quite useless. also other reasons like each country defines the seaway differently e.g. some states don’t permit its use on side walks, roads or bicycle lanes. where some countries states that it must b insured and treated as a moped. so my view of the Segway is that it is a toy an expensive cool looking useless toy with no real world applications.

Tefal GV9460 Steam Generator Iron

This new iron from Tefel. The Tefal Steam Generator Iron is the newest product launched by the company. This iron is the best. It is the top of the line, the BMW of irons. And for it’s price it would have to be, because the retail price of this iron is £639.oo. yes that is right £639. that is a crazy amount of money for an iron . thinking about this logically , for instance i bought my car a few weeks back for 400 euros. so to pay over 600 pounds for what is basically an iron makes no sense to me. especially if it is for domestic use.

But this iron is a perfect example of what company’s are do to sell more products and get us consumers to splash more cash. the selling point for this iron is that it has a  Steam flow rate of 220 g/min compared to 200 g/min in the previous model. it has a steam performances of 5,5 bar pressure compared to 5 bar pressure on the previous model. so the new iron has 20 g/min more steam flow, and .5 bar pressure more than the older iron . These improvements are not a lot in fact not a big difference at all but this is exactly what all the company’s are doing now making slight improvements to products to make the consumer want it and make them think they are buying a great new product but its actually just a rehash of an older model.. . . monkey see monkey want!!!!!

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