Armadillo 161: cool piece of design or just plain pointless

Armadillo 161:

the Armadillo bracelet is a newly designed piece of jewelry by RogueDZN.the Armadillo 161 is made entirely of aerospace grade titanium and its name is Armadillo 161 is for the 161 parts that make up this bracelet. I will indeed admit that this is a very cool piece of jewelry and if I had one myself I would wear it because it looks kick ass. but really whats the point ?

when all is said and done the Armadillo 161 is just a bracelet not a necessary product that one would really need. what exactly is the reason for using aerospace grade titanium. . I’ll tell you, there is none it’s just that when someone who spends an obscene amount of money and guaranteed this bracelet will cost an obscene amount ( price has not been revealed yet).  he will got to his mate and show it off as proof to just how good he is doing in life the, the self indulging sod. But the worse thing is the knowing that a team of highly qualified skilled designers spent a lot of time and effort designing this product when that time and effort could ave been directed to greater matters in the world but then again the dollors always have the last say. . all i know is the next time i want a bracelet i’m going to TK MAX £5.99 . as for is it pointless or not just because its pretty doesn’t mean its useful.



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i"m a product design student currently studying in letterkenny.

One response to “Armadillo 161: cool piece of design or just plain pointless

  1. Mark Tremsorkin

    No team designed this piece. RogueDZN is one guy making all this stuff.

    I agree with you that this thing is probably going to be expensive, and I could probably buy a new BMW instead, but then again that would be ridiculous and I haver no business buying this piece. However, for those people with the means to buy something like this, there really isn’t anything else like it out there.

    I think the aerospace grade titanium is a nice touch… There is so much crap out there made from gold, silver and platinum, then splattered with diamonds, rubies and emeralds. This is bling with no bling. I think this thing really is more focused on the design and complexity of engineering and letting those attributes speak, rather then letting the material be the thing that gives it value.

    Just my 2 cents…

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